Liverpool and Wirral Giants show 'to be last'

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The event is part of Liverpool 2018, which marks the 10th anniversary of Liverpool's spell as European Capital of Culture

A group of giant puppets will be retired after a final show in Liverpool, it has been announced.

The oversized marionettes known as the Giants will make their last outing for Liverpool Dreams from 4-7 October.

After the final part of the trilogy, French company Royal de Luxe plan to work on a new show involving a silverback gorilla.

Artistic director Jean-Luc Courcoult said he has made a "firm decision" to end the saga of the Giants.

The company has held events in the city in 2012 and 2014 which drew hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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Xolo the giant dog will return in the final part of the trilogy, it was confirmed

Mr Courcoult said: "If we carry on doing the same thing it wouldn't churn up the same emotion in people but, at the same time, I am very sad."

The event is part of Liverpool 2018, marking the 10th anniversary of the city's spell as European Capital of Culture.

The show will see the Giant man and Xolo the dog return while there will be a new addition - the Little Boy Giant.

The route the puppets will take covers 20 miles starting from St George's Hall Plateau and Fort Perch Rock in Wirral and ending at Canning Dock.

Mr Courcoult said of all the places he has taken the show, "Liverpool remains a bright star in the Milky Way".

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New giant puppets will be involved in the third and final spectacular

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson said: "It's a huge coup for Liverpool to stage the last ever Giants event, and final preparations are being put in place to ensure the Little Boy, Xolo and the Giant are given the most spectacular send-off."

The show will culminate "with a focus on the waterfront" and a finale parade before the giant puppets say goodbye from Canning Dock.

Giants in Liverpool

  • The first event Sea Odyssey in 2012, inspired by the Titanic, saw the Little Girl Giant travel through the city with her dog Xolo to meet the Diver
  • They returned two years later as part of the city's World War One commemorations, where they were joined by the Grandmother Giant in Memories of August 1914

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