Stalker found at YouTube blogger's home armed with 'sinister' kit

Keio Nei Image copyright Police handout
Image caption Keio Nei tweeted photographs of the victim's house before knocking on her door

A cyber stalker turned up at a YouTube blogger's home with a "sinister" kit including a syringe and needle, ammonia and parcel tape as well as a sex toy.

Keio Nei, 24, from Estonia, met the victim through online game Runescape in 2017, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

He made "utterly terrifying" threats to rape and kill her before calling at her Merseyside home in April.

Nei admitted two offences of stalking and was jailed for 21 months and made subject to a restraining order.

Sentencing him, Judge Clement Goldstone QC, the Recorder of Liverpool, said "cyber stalking is a plague of the 21st century".

The court heard Nei, of no fixed address, sent the victim emails in March 2017 saying it was "his life goal" to come to the UK "to find and kill you".

He threatened to drug and kidnap her and "torture you for hours, basically using my whip and other tools".

Authorities in Estonia warned Nei about his activities but he claimed the comments were a joke.

Image copyright Crown Prosecution Service
Image caption The "sinister" kit included ammonia, a syringe and needle and a sex toy

On 29 April, the court heard he tweeted photographs of her garden then knocked on her door. While she hid upstairs, her father told him she did not live there.

Nei returned the next day when police officers were dropping off panic alarms and was arrested, the court was told.

He was carrying a roll of parcel tape, a hip flask of ammonia, a syringe and needle, screwdriver, gloves, eye mask, and a sex toy, which Nei told police was a face massager to relax muscles.

The judge said the defendant had a form of autism but as experts could not agree about his mental health, a hospital order was not appropriate to address the danger he posed to the public.

'Troubled man'

Jonathan Savage, defending, said Nei suffered from social isolation and dysfunctional development.

He said Nei wanted to speak to the woman not to cause her physical harm but to progress what he saw was their relationship.

In an impact statement the victim told how she had been left with sleep problems and had struggled with her university course work.

Carolyn Viviani, from Crown Prosecution Service, described Nei as "a very disturbed and troubled man".

She said it was "a fortunate turn of fate" police were at the victim's house when Nei returned.

Nei will be repatriated when freed from jail, the court heard.

Two counts of assault by beating other than kidnap were left on file.

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