Merseyside driver banned and fined for running over woman collapsed in road

Christine Hannah Image copyright Lynda Roughley
Image caption Christine Hannah said she was distraught at what had happened

A motorist who ran over a woman who had just collapsed in the road has been convicted of causing her death by careless driving.

Kirsty Upton, 29, was trapped beneath Christine Hannah's Ford Fiesta and dragged about 45 metres along Church Road in Tranmere on 15 March 2018.

Hannah, 57, had denied the offence, saying she thought she had struck a bag or some debris lying in the road.

She was handed a 12-month driving ban and fined at Liverpool Crown Court.

Hannah, of Coniston Road, Neston was on her way to work in Birkenhead when the incident happened near St Catherine's Hospital.


Jonathan Duffy, prosecuting, said Ms Upton was seen near a bus stop shortly before the accident, wearing a dressing gown and pyjamas.

She collapsed not long before Hannah arrived at the scene and was lying in the roadway.

While the reason for her collapse that day was not known, he said she had recently been known to suffer from fits.

He told the jury her death was "avoidable" and occurred because the defendant had "failed to exercise sufficient care and attention in her driving".

In a statement to police after the incident, Hannah said she had seen what she thought was a bag in the road but could not avoid it because of an oncoming vehicle.

CCTV footage showed there was no such vehicle, the court was told.

Hannah, who has no previous convictions and had a clean driving licence, said she was distraught at what had happened and expressed her condolences to Ms Upton's family.

Fining her £2,000 and ordering to pay the same amount in costs, Judge Stuart Driver QC said the defendant was guilty of a "momentary" failure to achieve the expected standard of driving.

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