Norwich murder trial jury hears death pair's 999 calls

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The 999 calls made by a woman and her new partner as they were fatally attacked by her former boyfriend have been played to a jury.

Karen Brown, 39, and Kenneth Snell, 65, were found dead at Mr Snell's home in Brettingham Avenue, Cringleford, near Norwich, on 31 October 2009.

John Moody, 45, of Kerrison Avenue, Norwich, has denied murder at Norwich Crown Court.

He admits the killings on the grounds of diminished responsibility

Mr Moody was said to have lost his "self-control" and drove to Mr Snell's home armed with a hammer and knife, the court was told.

Graham Parkins QC, prosecuting, said: "This was an unprovoked and premeditated attack by Mr Moody, who at the time of the actual killings... was in a rage.

Violent relationship

"He had lost his self-control, lost his temper and was bent on revenge against Karen and the new man in her life."

Jurors heard Mr Moody and Ms Brown had been in a violent 12-year relationship that ended in August 2008.

After Ms Brown ended the relationship, Moody "pestered" her to take him back, jurors were told.

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John Moody denies murdering the couple last October

Following the deaths, Mr Moody spent the night with his current girlfriend in a hotel in the Norwich area where he was arrested the next day, the court heard.

He told psychiatrists that he had "no memory of the killings", the court was told.

Jurors heard Mr Moody had accepted he carried out the killings but admitted his guilt on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The court heard he went to look for Ms Brown after being told that she was in a relationship with Mr Snell.

He then smashed through the front door of Mr Snell's house, the court was told.

Jurors heard Mr Moody attacked Ms Brown in the back garden with a knife and hammer, while repeatedly shouting: "Why did you lie?"

The jury was played recordings of the 999 calls made by Ms Brown and Mr Snell.

In the call made by Ms Brown, at 2100 GMT, she is heard to say: "I have got an intruder who is violent, who is aggressive. I don't know who it is."

She then shouts the name "John Moody" twice and is heard to say: "You don't want to do this, do you? Not really."

As the call continues, Mr Moody is heard to ask "tell me why you lied?" more than 50 times as groaning sounds and yelps of pain are heard in the background.

In Mr Snell's 999 call, he said: "I have been attacked by a man and he has already hit me over the head several times and he is attacking my girlfriend."

After spelling out his address, he tells the operator the attacker is "Mr John Moody".

He adds: "Please come quick."

The court heard Mr Snell was still clutching the telephone receiver when he was found dead by police.

Post-mortem examinations showed Ms Brown sustained 13 stab wounds and 31 other injuries.

Several wounds on her forearm suggested she had put her arms up to protect herself, the court heard.

Mr Snell, who sustained seven stab wounds and 38 other injuries, died after being stabbed in the heart.

The trial continues.

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