Fuel price rise expected to boost Norfolk car sharing

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Commuters and travellers are expected to turn to car sharing in a bid to cut motoring costs

An internet-based car sharing scheme in Norfolk is expecting a surge in interest as a result of increases in the price of fuel from extra duty.

County council-backed Carshare Norfolk said fuel prices may hit record highs.

"Car sharing is one way in which people can cut hundreds of pounds a year from the cost of travel," a spokesman said.

"The website helps people find other travellers heading in the same direction and willing to share the trip and any expense."

Sharing can either be by taking turns with the driving or giving someone a lift in exchange for a contribution to the fuel costs.

Graham Plant, cabinet member for travel and transport, said: "In a big rural county like Norfolk not everyone has the opportunity to switch to local bus services.

"For people who depend on their car, rising fuel prices can hit quite hard.

"Car sharing can make a real difference to the household budget - one regular car sharer said it was the equivalent of a £1,700 a year pay rise."

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