Benghazi battles recalled by Libyan UEA chaplain

A Libyan chaplain at the University of East Anglia (UEA) has described the conflict he witnessed while visiting his family in Benghazi.

Masoud Gadir was in Libya when fighting began in February. He said despite hundreds of deaths, "a dark cloud has been lifted" in the city.

"In the first few days there was a lot of murder and killing," he said.

Benghazi - Libya's second city - is currently in the hands of opponents of Col Gaddafi.

Mr Gadir said: "It was very tough... but there's good come out of Libya. What I've seen in Benghazi is people smiling.

"I've seen people doing charity and giving free [blankets] to people."

Mr Gadir fled Libya for the UK more than 30 years ago during the start of the Gaddafi regime, but he still has six brothers and six sisters in the country.

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