Norwich City promotion: 'Time won't allow' parade

Norwich City win Championship play-off final Image copyright PA
Image caption Norwich City are bouncing straight back to the top flight after winning at Wembley

There will be no parade to celebrate Norwich City's Premier League return because the players "need to go on holiday", the club has said.

The Canaries are back in the top flight after beating Middlesbrough 2-0 in Monday's Championship play-off final.

Chief executive David McNally said "time won't allow" a parade, with the play-offs delaying plans by four weeks.

Some people have criticised the move on social media, saying it is a "terrible way to treat their fans".

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: "It's great for the city and the club that they've been promoted.

"We always do something to mark the club's achievement when they go up, but this time round the timing didn't work out for a reception and open top bus parade. So, instead, we'll be dressing up City Hall in a fun way to celebrate the team getting to the Premiership."

Jerome and Redmond's two early goals were enough to seal victory for Norwich at Wembley, with promotion worth an estimated £120m for the club.

Mr McNally told BBC Radio Norfolk it was "one of the best days in our history" and was "thrilled for the fans", but "unfortunately we're beaten on time" for a parade.

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Image caption David McNally said there was "no point in having the parade without the footballers"

"The players need to go on holiday. Their season end has been delayed by four weeks... and quite frankly there's no point in having the parade without the footballers," he said.

"The earliest that the city could arrange things was Thursday, and so reluctantly, but amicably we've agreed that we'll pass on this occasion."

Jamie Collings, posting on BBC Look East's Facebook page, said it is a "terrible way to treat their fans".

Gilbert Aldous said: "'Need' to go on holiday? They're paid more every week than most people are paid in a year & that's just for playing around with a ball.

"I think they need to realise which side their bread's buttered & thank the fans who pay their wages, properly!"

However, others have been more sympathetic with the club, with Mike Leverington posting: "That makes sense, and they've certainly earned their holidays. It's been a long hard season."

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