Hoard of silver Roman coins unearthed near Norwich

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Denarius of Emperor Tiberius, AD14-37Image source, PAS
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The hoard includes a denarius issued during the reign of Emperor Tiberius (AD14-37)

A hoard of silver coins dating back to Roman times has been found in a village near Norwich, it has been revealed.

A metal detector enthusiast unearthed the 26 silver coins, which were issued between 154BC and AD37.

The precise location of the discovery is not being revealed in a bid to deter illegal treasure hunters.

Norwich Castle Museum expert Adrian Marsden said more coins could still be hidden at the site, where two previous hoards have been found.

He said about 100 other coins dating from the same period had been discovered in the area in two batches unearthed in September 2012 and August 2013.

Image source, PAS
Image caption,
Some of the coins found date back to 115-114BC

The most recent find was made in the autumn of 2014.

Mr Marsden said these coins were "probably the property of a soldier, or at least a Roman citizen, soon after the invasion of Britain".

He estimated them to have been worth about six months of salary for a Roman soldier.

The latest find, which the museum hopes to acquire for its collection, will go before the coroner on 5 October.

Image source, PAS
Image caption,
The hoard of silver coins was found by metal detector users in south Norfolk

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