Three-eared 'Captain Kirk' cat found in Norfolk

Brian the three-eared cat Image copyright Feline Care Cat Rescue
Image caption The rescue centre's vet said he had not seen another three-eared cat in 30 years of practice

A three-eared cat - who rescuers almost dubbed Captain Kirk due to his "final front-ear" - has been found abandoned near a garage.

The stray stunned staff at Feline Care Cat Rescue, in East Harling, Norfolk, with the "peculiar" birth defect.

Manager Molly Farrar said the centre's vet had not seen a cat with an extra ear in 30 years of practice.

Staff at the centre floated a number of names but settled on Brian, the Eastern Daily Press first reported.

The cat was named after the owner of the garage where he was found.

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"It's obviously a really rare thing as our vet hasn't seen it as well," Ms Farrar told the BBC.

"We see plenty of cats with no tails, some tails, only a little bit of tail missing, cats with three legs, one eye, cats with all kinds of disabilities, but this is something quite special."

Brian, who is thought to be between four and eight years old, almost ended up with a more outlandish moniker, Ms Farrar said.

"We have had suggestions of Spock or Captain Kirk because he's got a left ear, a right ear and a final front-ear," she said.

Brian was discovered on Monday near the remote cat sanctuary, which is on the edge of an industrial estate, and it is thought he may have been dumped or ended up on the back of a lorry.

If Brian's owner cannot be found, he will be re-homed, Ms Farrar said.

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