Wayland prisoners involved in food fight 'disruption'

Wayland Prison
Image caption A prisoner threw food at a member of staff, prompting a "disruption"

About 20 prisoners were involved in a "disruption" after food was thrown at a member of staff.

The incident happened during "the serving of lunch" at Wayland Prison, Norfolk, on 6 May, according to an internal prison report seen by the BBC.

"One offender threw his food at staff," the report says, and then others tried to stop him being "restrained".

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said staff "successfully resolved" the incident and no-one was injured.

Wayland Prison is a category C all-male training prison in Griston, near Thetford.

The report into the disruption said: "Approximately 20 offenders were involved in an incident on the servery. One offender threw his food at staff, was restrained.

"Several other offenders attempted to stop staff dealing with the incident and several others formed a line across the dining hall, inciting further disruption.

"Additional staff were called and offenders were eventually locked up."

The MoJ said some of the prisoners were transferred to other facilities as a result, but would not provide further details.

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