Elusive peahen on the run in Norwich for two weeks

Peahen on roof in Norwich Image copyright Caren Coke-Wilkin
Image caption The peahen was spotted surveying the city from a roof in Drayton Road on Tuesday

A wildlife rescuer is searching for an elusive peahen which has evaded all attempts at capture for almost two weeks.

The bird was first spotted in Earlham Road in Norwich on 17 June and reported to Kevin Murphy, who runs the voluntary Norfolk Wildlife Rescue.

He has tried to coax it from a tree using birdcalls to save it from being attacked, but it ended up on a rooftop.

The peahen escaped again and he is now awaiting more sightings.

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Mr Murphy said he was contacted by a member of the public who saw the bird on Hingham street "with youths attacking it with metal poles".

"By the time I got there the youths and bird had gone," he added.

The bird has been spotted wandering around a water company site and even popped in to an office, but has always disappeared by the time Mr Murphy arrives.

Mr Murphy began chasing the peahen, which is a female peafowl and mates with the more flamboyant peacock, after seeing reports of sightings on social media.

"I don't know for sure where it has escaped from, but I do know that walking around the streets of Norwich isn't the best place for it," he added.

Mr Murphy has been involved in helping to rescue animals, including foxes, badgers, otters, seals and stoats, for about 20 years.

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