Norfolk councillors replace dinosaurs in 'Guess Who?' game

Norfolk councillors in Guess Who game Image copyright Sarah Dempster
Image caption Sadly, there was not enough room in the game for all 55 Conservative members of Norfolk County Council

A photo-shoot of the new line-up of county councillors in a local magazine inspired a mother to create a spoof "guess who?" game using their faces.

Sarah Dempster said the "array of beards, glasses and bald heads" in Norfolk County Council's magazine reminded her of "a special Norfolk edition" of the classic board game.

She stuck their pictures over images of dinosaurs in her daughter's game.

The council said: "At least you're not saying politics is a trivial pursuit."

Writer Ms Dempster, from Norwich, said cutting out a selection of the 55 Conservative councillors' faces and sticking them over the top of the dinosaurs seemed like "half-an-hour well wasted".

"My daughter absolutely loves the new version," she said.

Her five-year-old is "fascinated by their faces", asking questions such as "is that one a baddie? Why do they all look like granddad?".

Image copyright Twitter/Sarah Dempster
Image caption Some councillors are delighted to be part of the game

In the dinosaur version of the game, children are encouraged to guess the picture by asking questions such as "does it have a crest? Does it have feathers? Does it have a beak?".

Image copyright Norfolk County Council
Image caption Council leader Cliff Jordan was happy to see politics was not considered a "trivial pursuit"

Ms Dempster's version of the game does not have room for all 55 councillors, so she "chose the ones that provided the most facial/head-based diversity, a la the classic Guess Who? character line-up".

Image copyright Norfolk County Council
Image caption Ms Dempster cut the Conservative councillors out of the summer edition of the council magazine
Image copyright Twitter/Sarah Dempster
Image caption Dinosaurs were replaced by the councillors in the new version of the classic children's guessing game

Ed Colman, councillor for Swaffham and Tom Garrod, who represents Wroxham are just two of the council members who tweeted Ms Dempster to say how delighted they are to be part of the game.

Their leader Cliff Jordan described it as "fantastic", adding: "At least you're not saying politics is a trivial pursuit... boom boom."

Ms Dempster said she offered to remove the councillors' faces from the game so her daughter could play "guess the dinosaur" again, but her little girl is "adamant that the councillors must stay".