Bid to find Norfolk wartime photo album owner

Photos from a wartime album
Image caption Photographs in the album date from 1937 to the mid-1940s

A couple are trying to trace people in a wartime photo album found when it fell out of the back of some drawers.

Clare Sherwood bought the furniture from a charity Norwich in shop.

The album appears to have belonged to a couple and dates from 1937, she said. It includes holiday snaps of children taken through World War Two.

After an appeal, Ms Sherwood said someone came forward to say they recognised the family. She is hoping to verify that and reunite the album.

Image caption Tudor Hall began life as offices, later became a nightclub and is now a tattoo parlour
Image caption The album fell out after Mr Kinghorn pulled out one of the drawers

She bought the chest of drawers a year ago, but only recently pulled out one of the drawers to reveal the dark red photography album wedged behind it.

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The pictures include photographs of the family at various places in Norfolk including Sandringham, Caister and Hembsy.

Image caption Ms Sherwood believes the family was local as many of the pictures are taken in Norfolk

Another shows people fundraising for the war effort outside Tudor Hall in Norwich, which is now a tattoo parlour.

Although the images are dated through to the mid-1940s, there are few clues other than first names of the children.

One name mentioned under a photo of a mother and baby - Jean-Muriel - is dated 1938.

Image caption Is this Jean-Muriel, born in 1938?
Image caption Some of the photographs are dated and others include children's names

"For us it's fascinating, and it's great local history, but I think it would be really wonderful to get this to someone who knows the people in it," Ms Sherwood said.

"It's been great fun looking through the pictures and putting lives together for different people," Mr Kinghorn added, "but it'd be nice to have that moment to give it to someone who, hopefully, it means something to."

They are keen to reunite the album with the family, but as it was donated anonymously to the charity shop, the couple was unsure how to proceed.

Image caption Do you recognise this little girl?

After some of the photographs were shown on the BBC, Ms Sherwood said a woman had been in touch saying she recognised some of the people.

She is hoping this will lead to the album - and its precious memories - being reunited with members of the family.

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