'Meghan's bump' caught by amateur Norfolk photographer

image copyrightKaren Anvil
image captionThe pregnant Duchess of Sussex puts a hand on her bump while greeting crowds at Sandringham on Christmas Day

An amateur photographer who caught smiling Royals leaving church on Christmas Day 2017 has struck again - with a snap of the Duchess of Sussex.

Karen Anvil, 40, took the picture of Meghan stroking her bump at Sandringham where last year she captured Princes Harry and William with Kate and Meghan greeting wellwishers.

Ms Anvil also got in a quick chat, too.

She said she planned to avoid Sandringham next year after being photographed herself.

Ms Anvil said she was hoping her latest images of the expectant Duchess would please the thousands of Meghan fans who follow her on social media.

image copyrightKaren Anvil
image captionKaren Anvil, who spoke to the duchess, took this photo and said it was "clear she loves being pregnant"

She said it was "especially lovely" to have a chat with the duchess "as one mother to another".

The Duchess of Sussex reached for her bump and said, "We're nearly there", when asked by Ms Anvil if she was excited about her baby, which is due in spring.

Ms Anvil said: "She loves that child. Her bump holding was pure instinct, natural and not staged at all."

Ms Anvil's shot of the Royals leaving church on Christmas Day 2017 led to her taking on an agent after the photo was sold to the media in almost 50 countries around the world.

image copyrightKaren Anvil
image captionThis snap of the Royals in 2017 picture provided Karen Anvil with a regular monthly income, ranging from £600 to £6,000

This year she only managed to snap the back of the four Royals alongside Prince Charles, but said she must have an eye for taking pictures as the same shot has been put up on the Kensington Palace website.

image copyrightKaren Anvil
image captionMs Anvil is keeping the paparazzi on their toes with her photos of the Royals at Sandringham

The photographer, from Watlington, Norfolk, said despite the 2017 picture earning her almost £40,000 so far, she would be avoiding Sandringham next Christmas after the paparazzi turned the cameras on her.

"That's not what I'm here for," said Ms Anvil, "I hate having my picture taken."

image copyrightKaren Anvil
image captionAmateur photographer Karen Anvil with her daughter Rachel

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