Brexit-inspired tuk-tuk trip gets Amazon Prime slot

Image source, Callum Fairhurst
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Callum Fairhust set out to visit all 28 EU countries

A student inspired to travel around Europe by the UK's decision to leave to the European Union (EU) is to have a documentary streamed on Amazon Prime.

Joined by friends, acquaintances and hitchhikers, University of East Anglia student Callum Fairhurst travelled the continent to learn about the individual countries that make up the bloc.

He said he had met "amazing people" in every country he visited.

Now the adventure has been turned into a 35-minute documentary.

Mr Fairhurst, 22, set out on the trip - which included breakdowns in Austria and meeting with Polish millionaires - in the summer of 2017, a year after the UK voted to leave the EU.

Image source, Callum Fairhurst
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The footage has been edited over the 18 months since the trip

"After the referendum I realised I didn't really know about the different countries - they all get treated as the same place," said Mr Fairhurst, a third year student studying international development with politics.

"The tuk-tuk came about because they are such cool vehicles, and because they are fun it acted like a magnet for people.

"So many people came up to us to show us around or ask us to stay with them."

Image source, Callum Fairhurst
Image caption,
Callum Fairhurst sold the Tuk Tuk to recoup some funds after his trip

Mr Fairhurst, from Soham in Cambridgeshire, set out to visit all 28 EU countries but said the island nations of Cyprus and Malta proved impossible to reach by motorised rickshaw.

While many of those he spoke to thought Brexit would be bad for both Britain and the EU, he said there were plenty of voices who supported their own country following the UK's lead.

The film has been put together by a volunteer team including politics and media student William Shears.

The University of East Anglia said it was hosting a private screening of the documentary - EU on a tuk-tuk - to coincide with its release on subscription streaming service Amazon Prime.

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