Seal found stuck in plastic waste on Norfolk beach

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Seal with plastic object around neckImage source, Vicky Gurney
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The seal's injuries will take months to heal

A seal with "terrible injuries" has been rescued after getting its neck stuck in plastic waste.

The young grey female, named Flowerpot, was found on a beach in Horsey, Norfolk, with her head wedged in an object.

The mammal is the 51st seal to be taken for treatment at the RSPCA's hospital at East Winch after being injured by plastic waste.

Flowerpot's injuries will take months to heal, the charity said.

Image source, Seal
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The object was removed from the seal at the RSPCA hospital on the Norfolk coast

Volunteer group Friends of Horsey Seals rescued the seal on Sunday.

Staff and vets at the RSPCA hospital carefully cut the plastic object from the seal's neck using bone pliers.

"The object was cutting in deep to her neck and causing terrible injuries," centre manager Alison Charles said.

Flowerpot has been given antibiotics and will receive daily salt baths to help heal the deep wound on her neck.

Image source, RSPCA
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Flowerpot will have daily salt baths until the wound heals

"Earlier this month we reached a heartbreaking milestone of admitting our 50th 'necklace' seal since 2008 - the month isn't even over and now the number has sadly reached 51," Ms Charles said.

"It is upsetting and frustrating that these poor seals are being injured by man-made rubbish."

She said the seal would not have survived with the object stuck around her neck "as it would have restricted her movement and made her vulnerable to predators and unable to hunt for herself".

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