Hundreds of rare birds seek food in Northamptonshire

Image caption, Waxwings seen in large numbers in Britain are called an irruption

A colourful bird from Scandinavia that winters on Britain's east coast, but is rarely seen inland, has been spotted in large numbers in Northamptonshire.

Local bird-watchers have been following flocks of waxwings, called irruptions, around the county.

Colin Horne, from Sywell, said he watched the birds at Wootton Fields and described them as "fascinating".

"There has been a huge irruption of waxwings in Britain this year and many thousands have been spotted," he said.

"They go round in flocks and sometimes these can be large.

"You can often see one or two individual birds in Northamptonshire each year but the flock I was watching was 100 plus.

"That's something else - a lot of birds.

"You can see the white, yellow and red on their wings like droplets of wax which is where they get their name.

"This time of year they stay in northern Scandinavia or Russia but they must be short of food and this must have driven them so far afield."

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