Northampton boxing club sees rise in stressed members

Image caption, Mr Daily said he had seen a transformation in the personalities of stressed workers

A boxing club in Northampton has said it has seen a sharp rise in the number of people using its facilities to relieve stress.

The Far Cotton Boxing Club says more people are getting involved in the sport because of the economic climate.

"Boxing is a great stress reliever, I can guarantee that after a session you will feel completely relaxed," said head coach John Daily.

Mr Daily wishes his club could open for longer because of the increase.

He said: "We've seen a 100% rise for clients coming into the gym using our equipment. It helps them get out all their stresses from the day and relaxes them for the evening."

He added: "We've been around for many years now and have helped a lot of people. It's about being disciplined with yourself and using your anger or stress in a positive way.

"We have men who are 40 years old come into the club after just finishing work and they can be really stressed.

"Some of them have even lost their jobs, but as soon as they begin a training session their whole personality changes."

Mr Daily also trains children from 10 and believes boxing can help ease behavioural problems.

"You can really lose yourself in a session. Boxing is a controlled sport and needs focus and training," he said.

"If you got into a boxing ring with anger and no control, you would lose the battle. It's about learning to use your stress effectively and this is what we do."

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