Kettering calls out for a town crier

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Kettering has borrowed another town's crier in the past

Having a town crier would bring "colour and character" to Kettering, a local councillor has said.

Councillor Larry Henson believes it would help to improve the town's image.

"I believe it would bring colour and add a lot of character to Kettering," he said.

The borough council is looking for candidates to take part in auditions. Plans have been in the works for some time and Kettering has previously "borrowed" another town's crier.

In 2008 the borough council borrowed a town crier from Banbury. He went along to functions with the then Mayoress Jenny Henson.

"He was very colourful as he introduced various items and the only problem we had was that he was a big attraction with the younger generation as they all thought he was Johhny Depp," said Mr Henson.

They are looking for someone from either gender who has a healthy pair of lungs, can lift a bell and likes dressing up.

The person chosen for the job will be announcing events across the Kettering borough.

"We thought he or she could announce events in our library which has the highest foot-fall in the county, the museum and the art gallery," said Mr Henson.

Mr Henson also wants to get the local Tresham College involved in designing a new costume for the town crier.

Funding for the position will come from Mr Henson's county council empowerment fund.

Anyone wanting to be a town crier for Kettering can email:

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