Blue-green algae closes lake in Thraspston

Sailors and pet owners have been warned to stay away from the sailing lake in Thrapston after blue-green algae was found.

The Environmental Agency recently confirmed that the algae was in the water.

It can cause vomiting and a bad rash for humans and can kill farm animals or pets.

Eddie Sewell, the town's mayor said: "We have been putting notices around various access points to the lake."

Blue-green algae grows naturally in rivers, pond, estuaries and the sea and plays an important role to the waterways by providing food for wildlife and in oxygenating water, the agency said.

The current drought and still weather conditions can lead to an increase of algae blooms which can starve the water of oxygen and kill marine life.

Chris Extence, from the agency, said it was a problem in the whole East Midlands area.

"If you get the right weather conditions, you get the blooms forming, which causes all sorts of problems," he said.

The Environmental Agency expects the current problems to last until late autumn.

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