Northamptonshire council urged not to sell land for housing

Campaigners against a housing development in Northamptonshire are urging the county council to refuse to sell the land to the developers.

Plans for the Buckton Fields development on the edge of Northampton were initially turned down but were resubmitted and approved in October.

Councillor Sally Beardsworth is leading a campaign to stop the council from selling its share of the land.

Developers Ensign Group Ltd said the development is vital for regeneration.

Mrs Beardsworth, Liberal Democrat county councillor for Kingsthorpe, is due to formally propose the motion at a meeting of the Conservative-controlled council next week.

'Traders will suffer'

She said the council might be sympathetic as the development will have a massive impact on Kingsthorpe and the surrounding villages.

Mrs Beardsworth said: "The cabinet and the council can see the reasons behind this because it has been hugely controversial.

"The council has the power to block this developer, it's their land."

Mrs Beardsworth said although the land was worth a lot of money, it should not be sold.

She added: "Money is important, but the whole point is that we have just spent thousands putting the Cock Hotel junction right.

"The traders have suffered immensely in Kingsthorpe. If we put thousands of houses on our border it will undo all of the work that has been done.

"It's going to be a nightmare."

Andrew Wilson, director of developers Ensign Group Ltd, said: "Delivery of the development at Buckton Fields is essential to supporting the sustainable growth and regeneration of Northampton.

"Throughout the planning process we therefore worked hard to ensure that benefits associated with the scheme would demonstrably outweigh any impact."

Daventry District Council had turned the plans down but they were resubmitted and approved by the council on October 21.

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