Kettering councillors to discuss increasing allowances

Councillors on a local authority in Northamptonshire are considering awarding themselves a 5% increase in their personal allowances.

An independent panel recommended that councillors working on Kettering Borough Council increase allowances from £4,856 to £5,236 each per year.

Executive members of the authority could see a 10% increase.

Kettering councillor Alison Wiley said their aim was to entice younger members into joining.

'Onerous job'

Mrs Wiley, who has responsibility for finance, said: "The independent panel has suggested that we should have an increase.

"It is for us to decide, and it is currently going through the scrutiny process.

"My concern is that we are trying to get fresh young blood into the councillor system, but in order to get young people in you need to pay them something to make it worth their while.

"It is a very onerous job."

In 2010 an independent panel recommended councillors on Northampton Council increase their personal allowances from £7,086 a year, citing that the allowance was one of the lowest nationally.

Mrs Wiley said Kettering Borough Council had not had an increase for at least nine years.

The proposals will be considered by the council on 4 April.

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