Calls for speed cameras as Northamptonshire road death rate rises

A rise in the number of people killed on the roads in Northamptonshire this year has sparked calls for more safety measures.

So far this year 16 people have died as a result of an incident on the county's roads, compared to 19 in the whole of 2011.

This time last year there had been three deaths on the county's roads.

The county council's Liberal Democrat group has called on the Conservative-led authority to make safety changes.

Their leader, Brendan Glynane, said the figures showed the need to switch speed cameras back on and for the Casualty Reduction Partnership to be reinstated.

'Appalling' statistics

Mr Glynane, said the new statistics, released following the most recent death of a woman on the A45 on Saturday, were "appalling".

He said: "The decision to withdraw funding from the Casualty Reduction Partnership was a mistake.

"Look at how many deaths we have had this year - the statistics are appalling.

"For all of the families concerned this is desperately sad. We can't sit on our hands with this one, something has to be done."

The number of people killed on roads in Northamptonshire last year was the lowest since records began.

Police said they could not see any common themes between the collisions but pledged to do more to combat the rising numbers.

The official county council statistic is one fewer than the 17 deaths commonly referred to this year as the figure does not recognise the death of one motorist who died more than 30 days after the crash.

A force spokesman said: "To date, our investigations have not revealed any common themes between these collisions and have included a variety of possible contributory factors including fatigue, distraction, excess alcohol, inappropriate speed, vehicle defects and weather conditions.

"We are planning to increase the focus on our Fatal Four campaign which looks at the use of mobile phones when driving, drink-driving, seatbelts and speeding."

The motion means the council will now debate the issue at a meeting on 17 May.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said they could not comment directly on the motion until the debate but said the council was "committed to reducing casualties on the county's highways and continuing to work with our partners to achieve this".

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