Plans for new rubbish incinerator in Desborough submitted

Plans for a waste incinerator on the outskirts of a Northamptonshire town have been submitted to the county council.

The scheme, designed by Origin Renewable Energy and set for land to the north of Desborough, would incinerate landfill to produce energy.

Those behind the plans say the process is a clean way of reducing landfill.

But campaigners against it say they are concerned about the safety of the process.

Garry White, who is leading the campaign against the plant, said: "My concerns are the stuff that's not talked about, the small particles.

"It will contain a number of very serious toxins which will need to be taken from the area."

'Roasting waste'

Steve Lee, the chief executive of the Northampton-based Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, defended the plans as "a clean technology that roasts waste".

Adam Buxton from the company behind the plant, added: "The sort of emissions are the same emission that you have in every day practice like lighting a candle or lighting a bonfire."

The plant would be built off Eagle Drive near Magnetic Park in the town and would include a 53m (174 ft) tall chimney stack, a large central building, boilers, turbine hall substation and visitor centre.

Kettering Borough Council has not opposed the plan and the scheme will be considered by the county council later this year.

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