Far-right archive opened at University of Northampton

Searchlight archive
Image caption The archive features a range of publications such as Bulldog and Blood & Honour

An archive of a collection of UK far-right pamphlets and magazines has been opened in Northamptonshire.

It has been loaned by the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight and includes publications by the National Front.

The university said it will provide resources for historical research into far-right parties.

Dr Paul Jackson, history lecturer, said: "In the current climate, it is probably a good time to rethink the history of ultra-patriotic movements."

The archive includes copies of Searchlight magazine which was first published in the mid-1960s.

The university's School of Social Sciences offers training courses called Far Right Aware.

Dr Jackson said: "Since the Woolwich attack in May [the death of Drummer Lee Rigby], we have a sharp rise in far-right activity.

"The Searchlight Archive represents a major addition to our knowledge on extremist organisations.

"Analysis of this rich resource will allow a much more detailed picture of Britain's post-war far-right activism to emerge."

Gerry Gable, editor of Searchlight, said: "I think it shows how anti-fascists can work together.

"The common goal is to hold back fascism and racism, because far-right groups are still around in one form or another and post-Woolwich there has been an increase in attacks on mosques, Muslim community centres and property."

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