Offenders volunteer to visit police in Wellingborough

Five offenders handed themselves in to police to avoid being arrested over Christmas.

Officers in Wellingborough opened up the custody cells on Thursday with a message to "clear your conscience or face being arrested on the big day".

Those who attended were interviewed about offences including theft, robbery and criminal damage.

Wellingborough Police also sent Christmas cards to people with records of theft and burglary.

The cards included the message: "If you spoil someone else's Christmas, we're ready to spoil yours".

Wellingborough Sector Inspector Paul Valentine said the approach was "unusual" but it worked.

He said: "This didn't mean offenders were dealt with any differently if they handed themselves in, it just meant they had the chance to control when that is.

"We are estimating that in excess of 20 crimes will be detected as a result of yesterday's activity."

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