Top Northamptonshire cop's fixed speed camera promise reversed

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Nick Adderley
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Nick Adderley had said Northamptonshire's fixed speed cameras would be switched back on

Fixed speed cameras in one county will not be turned back on, despite the area's top police officer saying they would be last month.

Northamptonshire's cameras were turned off in 2011, although the structures were left in place to deter speeding.

The county's chief constable, Nick Adderley, had promised cameras would "be going back on".

Police have now said technology installed on the camera network is "beyond its end of life".

A study in 2016, found switching off fixed speed cameras across the county had made no difference to the number of accidents.

However in May, Mr Adderley told BBC Radio Northampton: "In terms of speed cameras, what I will tell you is that they will be going back on.

"We will be making sure that we keep the roads safe for everybody to see."

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Fixed speed cameras were turned off in Northamptonshire in 2011

A police spokeswoman has now said that will not be the case.

"Any plans to introduce fixed enforcement of this type would require support from both ourselves and Northamptonshire County Council, along with a full collision study to identify the most appropriate locations for installation across the county," she said.

"The technology currently installed on the network is now beyond its end of life and therefore at this time there are currently no plans at this time to re-instate the fixed camera enforcement within Northamptonshire."

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