Walker hit by hit-and-run cyclist in Nottingham

A man has been left bruised and scared to walk alone after being hit and knocked down by a cyclist in Nottingham.

John Yates walks along the canal every day as part of his recovery after two strokes.

But on Thursday, his 72nd birthday, he was knocked over near the Wilford Street lock by a hit-and-run cyclist.

Mr Yates, who bruised his hand and arm, said he was shocked at the lack of consideration.

He said: "I was very, very shaken and I started to get to my feet very slowly and I looked.

"And he had a glance over his shoulder but he never slowed down - never mind stop - and just carried on."

His wife Hilary added: "Any decent person would stop and ask if you're okay, if you've been hurt, if they can help you, anybody would do that, surely?"