Cossall church hit by lead thefts


A vicar says lead will no longer be replaced on a Nottinghamshire church roof after thieves targeted it four times in two weeks.

The Reverend Andy Lord said lead has been taken from the roof of St Catherine's Church in Cossall a total of 12 times in the past four years.

He said they have not been deterred by new CCTV cameras and security lights.

English Heritage said a lead roof was preferred but have offered to help the church find a suitable alternative.

Pc Dean Spalding has investigated the thefts and has offered to stay in the church overnight to help catch the culprits.

He said: "It's like having a Porsche with the car keys left in it. The temptation is there - it's going to get taken.

"Let's take the car keys out. Let's get a lead replacement up there."

Mr Lord said: "We've tried our hardest and in the past have kept replacing with lead but it just goes on one day and goes off the next day.

"We can't keep going through the whole process with insurance every few days."

No arrests have yet been made over the thefts.

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