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Social club in Kirkby-in-Ashfield damaged in high winds

Structural engineers are to assess the safety of a Nottinghamshire social club after a freak storm.
Eye witnesses said strong winds lifted the roof and blew tiles off the Coronation Club on Bannerman Road in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.
Nobody was hurt during the storm, which happened around 1500 BST on Thursday.
A roofer was called in to make the roof safe. The club has now put in a claim to its insurers and is awaiting a structural engineer's report.
Rain and hailstones lashed down on the roof and the wind picked up ridge tiles, sending debris crashing to the ground.
Maureen Clarke, a neighbour who saw what happened, said: "There were sheets and signs and all sorts flying everywhere.
"It was really frightening, it (the storm) was just like a steam train going through the garden, and it was over in about two minutes but it was really, really frightening."