Nottingham University to launch own parking levy

Nottingham University has revealed plans to introduce a staff parking levy from August next year.

Bosses say the scheme will help them pay for the city council's Workplace Parking Levy (WPL), due to be introduced in April 2012.

Costs for each university worker, from £49 to £490 per year, would depend on salary levels and car emissions.

Any extra money raised will be spent on transport improvements, such as buses and cycle routes, said the university.

The council's WPL is a charge for employers who provide free car parking in the boundary of the City of Nottingham.

Sliding scale

It will cost around £253 a year in 2012/13; £285 in 2013/14; £301 in 2014/15 and £306 from 2015 onwards.

Beyond that, the cost will increase with inflation.

The university said its own scheme would work out cheaper on average than the WPL - at about £150 person. It added the scheme had been put together with input from unions and members of staff.

A spokesperson said: "The working group agreed that a sliding scale of charges, pegged to salary and vehicle emissions, was fairer than a flat rate under which all staff pay the same amount."

Car parking charges at the university will be based on an annual permit, with pro-rata rates for part-time staff.

The scheme will also apply to the City Hospital site, the Queen's Medical Centre and its Sutton Bonington site.

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