Official figures show Nottinghamshire crime fall

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Crime in Nottinghamshire has fallen by 15% according to new figures - but police still missed key targets.

From April to November there were 10,607 fewer offences than the same period in 2009.

House burglaries fell by a fifth - 1,039 fewer incidents - but the target was 23%. Robbery fell by a quarter, against a target of nearly a half.

Senior officers said the targets they had set were tough and they were determined to do more.

There were just more than 58,000 crimes recorded in this period, compared to nearly 68,700 12 months before.

Significant challenges

There were 2,510 fewer violence against the person offences resulting in injury, a fall over nearly a third, while wounding offences were down by a similar amount to just over 2,350.

More than 2,000 more crimes were detected compared with last year.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Broadbent described the results as "excellent".

He added: "All of this means that we are seeing the gap between ourselves and our most similar forces closing day by day, hour by hour.

"We, like every force in the country, are going to be facing some significant challenges in the coming years, but I can assure the people of Nottinghamshire that we are determined to continue to drive down crime and make Nottinghamshire a safer place for everyone."

The force is facing cuts of £10m in its budget for the next two years and has already said it will compel officers with more than 30 years' experience to retire.

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