Grant for work on historic Nottinghamshire building

A £50,000 grant has been given to a Nottinghamshire village group for the restoration of a historic building.

The former Willow Works in Beckingham is being transformed into offices and a community meeting room.

The grant from the Waste Recycling Group will allow the community-run project to be completed by the summer.

The money will be used to carry out improvements to heating, lighting, plumbing and installing a lift to make the centre accessible.

Traditional crafts

Chris de Feu, of the secretary of the Willow Works Community Group, said: "The history group has been looking forward to completing the building for the last five years - we are grateful... as this makes it possible for us to have a place for our work of research, archiving and exhibition."

The Old Willow Works, which is more than a century old, was where local people learned and maintained the tradition of willow working - using willow to make traditional craft products.

The building has no south-facing windows - designed to prevent the sun from overheating the inside of the building and drying the willow too quickly.

The project is also funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and several community groups.

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