Pickles threatens Nottingham council with court action

Eric Pickles
Image caption Mr Pickles claims Nottingham City Council is the only authority refusing to publish spending details

Nottingham City Council has been threatened with legal action over its refusal to disclose all items of spending over £500.

Councils in England were urged to reveal details of expenditure above £500 as part of a government "revolution" in transparency.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles claimed Nottingham was now the only council refusing to publish.

But the Labour-led authority argued the cost of the scheme was too high.

Nottingham City Council's deputy leader, Graham Chapman, claimed the cost of publishing the details would amount to about £100,000.

Mr Pickles said the city council should follow "every other council" and display all public expenditure over £500.

"I will be forcing Nottingham to do this", said Mr Pickles.

"It seems to me to be ridiculous that I have to use my powers under the 1980 [Local Government, Planning and Land] Act just to force Nottingham to do so.

"They've placed themselves into a ridiculous corner and people will presumably ask what has Nottingham got to hide that other councils are proud to produce."

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