Parrots released in Stonebridge City Farm break-in

Parrots and other exotic birds are on the loose after vandals attacked their aviary at a Nottingham city farm.

The lock on the outside aviary at Stonebridge City Farm was forced on Wednesday night while plants and water butts were tipped over.

Farm staff have asked people to keep an eye out for about 10 parrots, cockatiels and budgerigars in St Ann's, Sneinton and the surrounding areas.

They added the birds were unlikely to survive for long on their own.

Marie Rogers, from Stonebridge, said: "If we don't get them back they will die because they won't survive the weather and they won't survive some of our predatory birds.

"We have had a couple of calls so we are sending out people with nets to see what they can get back."

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