Late night drinking venues go 'glass-free' in Mansfield

A number of late-opening pubs and bars in Mansfield are going "glass-free" over Easter in a trial move.

Places serving after 2300 BST were asked to replace glasses with alternatives like plastics at that time of night.

The move was agreed by the Mansfield Association of Licensed Venues (MALV).

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Neil Williams said the aim was reduce the risk of people being injured either by accident or in violent disputes.

'Tiny minority'

He said: "Our local pubs and bars are going to be busy, which is great for business, but with so many people around and most of them consuming alcohol there is always the risk of accidental injury with glass around.

"Unfortunately, we also have to be prepared for the prospect that a tiny minority, having had a few drinks too many by 11pm, could get into disputes that result in violence.

"By removing glassware, licensees will help to prevent some potentially nasty and totally avoidable injuries.

"The proposal is that after 11pm, all drinks, including ones normally sold in bottles, will be decanted into glassware alternatives."

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