Nottinghamshire County Council to vote on budget cuts

Nottinghamshire County Council is meeting to finalise its budget which includes more than £38m in proposed cuts in the next year.

The cuts, if approved, would result in an estimated 380 job losses in 2012-13, the council said.

No council tax increase is planned for the next year.

A spokesman for the union Unison said the cuts could result in hundreds of job losses in the private sector as growth in the county slowed down.

A study by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, which was commissioned by the union, has estimated that between 800 and 1,200 private sector jobs would be lost as a result of the county council's long-term budget plans.

Unison spokesman Pete Challis said: "Unfortunately this sort of thing is happening across the UK economy as growth slows down."

Road widening

The report said the cuts would result in an increase in a north/south divide in the county, with areas like Basset law, Mansfield and Ashfield being affected more heavily than Rushcliffe or Broxtowe.

County councillor Reg Adair said the county was spending more than £100m in capital projects every year to create jobs in the local economy.

"We believe that what we are doing… is really putting money into the county, investing in infrastructure and investing in jobs and the county's future."

About £20m of the budget has been earmarked for the widening of the A453 in the south of the county to help reduce congestion and improve access to the M1.

The road project is part of a £355m building programme over the next four years in the county.

The budget cuts would also result in a reduction in careers and training advice services and the closure of a furniture factory, run by the council, that employs disabled adults.

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