Occupy Nottingham marks camp's six-month anniversary

Occupy Nottingham
Image caption Protesters claim the market square is public land

The six-month anniversary of the Occupy Nottingham camp has been marked.

The site was one of several set up in the UK late last year to voice opposition to what the protesters see as unfairness in the financial system.

It is the focus of a legal battle by Nottingham City Council to move the tents out of the Old Market Square.

Earlier this month a judge ruled there were sufficient human rights issues to merit a three-day trial, which is due to start on 30 April.

Protesters said they would celebrate the anniversary with music and a rally to build support.

Negotiations between the city council and the protesters to peacefully end the demonstration have so far failed.

The city council insists the camp has no place in the city centre and presents hygiene and safety issues.

But the demonstrators claim the square is public property.

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