Nottingham Eastcroft incinerator to burn extra waste

An incinerator in Nottingham has been given permission to increase the amount of rubbish it burns to an extra 40,000 tonnes of waste a year.

The Environment Agency said the Eastcroft plant, which currently burns 160,000 tonnes, could now operate for more days.

It said this would lead to less fossil fuel being used by thousands of homes and businesses.

Campaigners said no consideration had been given to "alternative processes".

A spokesman for Nottingham Friends of the Earth said: "Most of the waste to be burnt in the incinerator could and should be separated for reuse, recycling or composting.

"That should be done close to where waste is produced and not imported to Nottingham for burning.

"The incinerator is just as carbon intensive as fossil fuels and cannot be part of a low carbon future."

An Environment Agency spokeswoman said: "We have taken into account all relevant considerations, comments from the public, and legal requirements.

"We are now confident... that a high level of protection is provided for the environment and human health."

It said the Eastcroft plant, operated by WasteNotts (Reclamation) Ltd provides energy to more than 4,600 homes in Nottingham as well as commercial centres in the city.

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