The Conjuring 'horror house' fans harass homeowners

The house in the film
Image caption The film makers constructed a set for The Conjuring and no filming took place at the property itself
A scene from The Conjuring
Image caption The farmhouse's present owners say they have never seen any paranormal activity there

A woman says her parents have been terrorised by tourists following the release of a blockbuster horror film based on their home.

The Conjuring tells the story of a family's supernatural encounters in a US farmhouse during the 1970s.

Anmarie Spaziano, of Nottingham, whose parents live in the Rhode Island home on which the film is based, said hundreds of people had descended on it.

The film's distributers Warner Brothers declined to comment.

Ms Spaziano, 41, from Sneinton, said her parents had caught trespassers shining torches through their windows in the middle of the night and found online videos people have taken of their house.

'Kids with crowbar'

She said they were also receiving anonymous phone calls from fans who had found their ex-directory telephone number.

"The constant barrage is awful," said Ms Spaziano.

"Since the film's [US] release in July my parents have been calling the police round almost every day. People have been shining their torches through the windows at 3am.

"They even found some kids outside with a crowbar.

"My mum is in her 60s and my father is 70 and has a heart condition. This is exhausting for them."

The couple moved into the 18th Century farmhouse 26 years ago.

Ms Spaziano, who lived in the property as a teenager, said her family had never seen any ghosts there.

Image caption The real farmhouse looks substantially different from the one in the film, but that has not deterred trespassers

"My parents have spent more than $100,000 restoring the farmhouse," she said.

"They love the house. They don't want to move away from it. They want to spend the rest of their lives there. They just want to be left alone.

"They knew about the history of the property when they bought it but the story was not that widely known before.

"It's the movie that has triggered all this."

The film claims to be based on "a true life story".

It features a couple of paranormal investigators, called the Warrens, who were called to examine the property in the 1970s by the family who lived there at the time.

In the film, the family pet dies mysteriously and the children are attacked by evil spirits.

Ms Spaziano's mother Norma Sutcliffe said she felt "exhausted and angry".

"Warner Brothers never even considered the consequences for us," she said.

"We just want to be left in peace but we fear we will never have our peace again. Halloween is coming up and we fear we will be besieged."

The film was made on a specially-constructed set which looks different from the couple's actual home and no filming took place at the farmhouse itself.

Col Stephen Lynch, who is in charge of the Burrillville Police Department, on Rhode Island, confirmed his officers had been called to disperse trespassers at the farmhouse "on numerous occasions".

He added the officers were now regularly patrolling the area.

Rhode Island law means people can only be prosecuted for trespass if they repeat the offence.

"As the notoriety of the movie dissipates, we hope the numbers of people will dissipate too," added Col Lynch.

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