Bus Pass Elvis Party beats Lib Dems in election

Lord Biro Image copyright Shawn Ryan
Image caption David Laurence Bishop aka Lord Biro beat the Lib-Dems by 11 votes as a candidate for the Bus Pass Elvis Party

A pensioner dressed as Elvis has beaten the Liberal Democrats in a local council by-election.

David Laurence Bishop, who goes by the name of Lord Biro, stood as a candidate for the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

He received 67 votes in the by-election in Clifton North, Nottingham, with Lib Dem candidate Tony Marshall coming last with 56. Labour won with 1,174 votes.

Taking the news in jest, a national Lib Dem spokesman said: "We are all shook up by the result."

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said he was not embarrassed by the result, but added: "It is a new one for us to be competing against the Bus Pass Elvis Party."

OAP brothel discount

Mr Bishop, who has stood for election as a councillor in Nottingham at least six times, said he was "shocked" by the result.

"I thought there was a chance I could beat the Lib Dems because they are not very popular in this area," he said.

"I was hoping I would beat UKIP because it was the first time they had stood, but I didn't."

As part of his manifesto Mr Bishop had pledged to tighten laws on hand gun ownership and legalise brothels with a 30% discount for OAPs.

He also said he wanted to scrap the high speed HS2 train because it would destroy Nottingham's greenbelt and pledged to stop any more tram routes being constructed in the city.

In the last 15 years Mr Bishop has stood for eight different parties, including the Elvis Loves Pets Party, Grumpy Old Elvis Party and the Elvis Turns Green Party.

He said being a pensioner himself, he always tries to fight for older members of the community, which inspired the name for his party.

"If Elvis was still alive he would be on his bus pass, and most of the original fans are pensioners now so I thought it was a good name," added Mr Bishop.

"I always think I'm going to do well when I stand but I never do. But there is always a chance."

Mr Bishop said he had not yet thought about standing for next year's general election but may consider running for Skegness and Boston in Lincolnshire.

"I have always fantasised about finishing my career on the seaside - it sounds sort of romantic."

Labour's Pat Ferguson won the seat with a majority of 154 over her Conservative rival. UKIP received 536 votes in third place.

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