Complaints over JG Pears' 'smelly' Nottinghamshire factory

The JG Pears plant in Low Marnham
Image caption JG Pears plant in Nottinghamshire is installing a thermal oxidiser to reduce smells

A GP says she has seen a rise in health complaints near a "smelly" animal fat rendering plant in Nottinghamshire.

One couple, who live near JG Pears, at Low Marnham, Newark, said the odour from the factory was so bad they slept in their car, rather than at home.

Dr Katie Maloney said she believed about 50 cases she had seen in recent months were due to factory emissions.

The firm said it was installing a thermal oxidiser, which would reduce the smell.

John Machin and his wife, both in their 70s and from in Normanton on Trent, said the odour was so bad, it prevented them from sleeping.

"We simply have to leave the house, take the car out to a grass verge in the middle of the country and stay out there, trying to get some sleep," said Mr Machin.

Health complaints

Dr Maloney, who lives and works nearby, said she also had to leave her village when the smell was at its worst.

She said she had seen an increase in health complaints including irritation to eyes, throat, ears and problems with asthma.

"Certainly the smell is very unpleasant. It's very strong and it's getting worse. It can make you feel sick and want to gag," she said.

"But it's not really the smell that's causing the irritation, it's the emissions and the smell is indicative of the emissions."

J G Pears said it took its responsibilities "extremely seriously".

In a statement it said: "We have been working with our regulators to further develop our robust odour abatement system and have recently undertaken further improvement works with the installation of a thermal oxidiser at a cost of over £1.5m."

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