Badgers spotted for first time at Nottinghamshire nature reserve

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Media captionFootage of first badgers spotted at Nottinghamshire nature reserve

Badgers have been filmed at a Nottinghamshire nature reserve for the first time.

Attenborough Nature Reserve wardens said they knew badgers were there but had not been able to confirm sightings until a pair were captured on camera.

Staff baited a log with peanut butter to attract the mammals.

Tim Sexton from the reserve said: "It amazes me that on a site that's so well studied like Attenborough, we're still finding new things."

Staff set up a trail cam by the baited log, after what was thought to be a sett, was spotted in an area closed to the public at night.

The footage revealed there must be at least two badgers living in the sett.

"We've had records over the last 50 years or so but just a handful of sightings," Mr Sexton said.

Badgers - one of the UK's largest predatory mammals - are about as common as foxes but seeing them is much more rare, he said.

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