Couple pay thousands for 'social media wedding'

Zoe Anastasi and Will Diggins Image copyright Social Media Weddings
Image caption Zoe Anastasi, 34, and Will Diggins, 32, are getting married in Nottinghamshire on 16 June

A couple are paying thousands of pounds to have their wedding broadcast online in what has been described as the UK's first "official" social media wedding.

Photos and video of Zoe Anastasi and Will Diggins' big day will be shared live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope.

They do not want to say how much they are paying but similar social media packages start from £6,500.

Miss Anastasi, from Derby, said it was worth the cost.

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Image caption A professional photographer will capture the day using a smartphone and share the photos on social media

"It's worth spending thousands of pounds because you only get the chance to tell the amazing story of your wedding day once," said the bride, who works for a construction company.

"You spend so much money on flowers, venue, food, drink. Social media is such a big part of our lives today so it deserves an investment, too."

Mr Diggins, a wealth management consultant, said: "It's a day of pretending to be a celebrity; it's the closest you'll ever get to feeling famous, and who wouldn't like that?"

Multi-platform coverage

Image copyright Twitter
Image caption Wedding guests are being encouraged to share their own photos using the hashtag #zoeandwill2016
  • A public Twitter page, which will be displayed on a media wall at the reception
  • A public Instagram page with photos of the couple
  • Live video on Periscope
  • A private Facebook group for friends and family

Coverage of the event on 16 June, in Nottinghamshire, has been organised by a Derby-based social media agency called Status Social.

It said a hotel in New York did something similar, but it had not been able to find anyone else in the world who has had this type of professional social media coverage for their wedding.

'Got people excited'

Miss Anastasi said it would mean their relatives all over the world - in France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Australia and America - could "feel part of the wedding even though they can't make it to the actual wedding".

"It's no more intrusive that having your regular photographer and videographer, which we've got as well," she added.

Mr Diggins said: "It's just got people excited; it's got people talking about it on the wedding Facebook group and sharing old photos and things like that."

Zoe and Will's social media team

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  • Social media manager: Setting up and running the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope accounts
  • Social media weddings manager: Running the social media wall at the wedding, checking every post for suitability before it goes on a social media wall at the wedding
  • Social media weddings co-ordinator: Working with the bride and groom to get everything right before, during and after the wedding
  • Social media weddings photographer: Following the bride and groom over the day with an iPhone and putting it out on social media
  • Social media weddings social media wall technician: Set up and monitoring through the day
  • Social media weddings copywriter: Ensuring all the wording used in the package/social media is perfect
  • Social media weddings director: In charge of the whole project, particularly on the wedding day, ensuring everything works smoothly and working with the couple where necessary

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