Your Nottinghamshire questions answered

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You've been using Your Questions to tell us what you have always wondered about Nottinghamshire.

From "Where does the name Lady Bay come from?" to "What would a map of the caves look like?".

Here's how we have got on with answering your questions.

Sonal Marner asked:"What would the Nottingham cave system look like if it was mapped in its entirety?"

We put the question to the city council's archaeologist Scott Lomax who said there isn't just one cave system across Nottingham, but in fact hundreds of cave complexes.

He said the caves have never been joined together but here is a map of them across the city.

Image copyright Nottingham City Historic Environment Agency

The main concentration of caves is in the city centre, around the medieval town, between Parliament Street and Castle Boulevard and Canal Street, he said.

He added: "Caves do, however, extend out of the city centre, predominantly along roads including Mansfield Road, Derby Road and Alfreton Road, reflecting post-medieval and modern development of the city.

"There are some caves in suburban areas such as Old Basford, Sherwood, The Park, Sneinton and St Ann's. There is one cave beneath Wollaton Hall."

Mr Lomax said more caves were being discovered all the time so the above map will change.

We went underneath a city pub to explore a newly discovered cave...

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Media captionWe take a peak down a cave recently found under a Sneinton pub

Asim Wahid asked: "What is the age population of Nottinghamshire?"

Mr Wahid was prompted to ask the question after a lengthy debate with a friend from Banbury about how many young people there were in the county, and said he "was intrigued to see what our population looks like in regards to age".

Image copyright Getty Images

After wading through a lot of figures from the Office of National Statistics, we found the average age of someone from Nottinghamshire is 41.5 years.

These are the most recent figures and are from 2015.

Martin Holodynsky asked: "Why is Lady Bay so named?"

Martin contacted us because he is often asked by people visiting the area and "it is something I have often wondered myself".

After a trawl of the internet and conversations with historians unfortunately it still remains a bit of a mystery.

Image copyright Google

There are, however, several theories about its origins:

  • That in the medieval period Queen Isabella would moor her ships near this part of the River Trent and it was known as Our Lady's Bay
  • A chapel which stood on Trent Bridge in the 13th Century was dedicated to St Mary, which may have given the name Lady's Bay to a bend in the river
  • A plot of land, now known as The Hook, was the pasture for a mare called Lady Bay

If you know the answer, do please get in touch.

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