'Fat blob' slur doctor Khashayar Ghaharian struck off

Dr Khashayar Ghaharian Image copyright PAT ISAACS/Cavendish
Image caption Khashayar Ghaharian talked to staff about his sexual activities on holiday, the tribunal heard

A "deplorable" doctor has been struck off for calling his receptionist "the fat blob" and using expletives to describe patients.

Khashayar Ghaharian called another member of staff a "cockroach" in his native Farsi, a Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard.

It also found he asked staff about their sex lives and made references to his sexual activities on holiday.

In total, 22 misconduct allegations against the Nottingham GP were proved.

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The retired physician, whose surgery closed despite protests from patients, now has 28 days to appeal.

'Deeply unpleasant'

The hearing considered allegations relating to a period between 2006 and 2012 at the Wollaton Vale Health Centre.

It heard Mr Ghaharian said he "hated" a doctor at another practice in the same building and said he hoped he died.

Another complaint included having called a receptionist "thick" and throwing prescriptions on the floor for her to pick up.

The tribunal report concluded: "It is clear that Dr Ghaharian's conduct has breached a number of the principles... and did not meet the standards expected of a registered medical practitioner.

"His unsavoury, bullying, harassing and deeply unpleasant conduct can readily be described as deplorable."

Image caption The allegations took place over six years at Wollaton Vale Health Centre

The report also noted the NHS had been forced to apologise to Mr Ghaharian after an investigation into alleged fictitious clinics.

It had been claimed that he had made up clinics on his computer in September 2012 in order to make it look like he had carried out work that he had not done.

However it still ruled against the former doctor in that he asked others to provide false statements to the investigation.

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