Nottingham karate man 'fends off carjackers'

image captionDarren Pike was on his way to work when three youths on a moped tried to steal his car

A tram driver with a black belt in karate says he fought off three youths on a moped who made an attempt to carjack him.

Darren Pike, 44, from Nottingham was attacked on his way to work but managed to fend off the three men.

Nottinghamshire Police said it was the second attack in the area within about 15 minutes on 4 November.

"I was completely gobsmacked, but fortunately I know martial arts," Mr Pike said.

The youths are described as white, aged 17 to 18 and wore dark clothing. The moped was last seen driving toward the A610 on Western Boulevard in Nottingham just after 05:20 GMT.

"They were gesturing all sorts at me but at the next set of lights… all of a sudden both doors were flung open," Mr Pike said.

"I had two guys on the passenger side and one guy on the driver's side… shouting all sorts of abuse at me and saying get out of the car and threatening violence.

image captionMr Pike said he was driving his wife's car so he "didn't want to get in trouble with her"

"I was in complete shock. I took the car keys out of the ignition and put them in my pocket and then basically just fended them off .

"I thought... it was my wife's car so I didn't want to get in trouble with her.

"Eventually, they saw that a car was coming in the distance and they made a run for it."

Nottinghamshire Police said: "We had two incidents in one morning.

"Getting into the habit of locking your car doors when you are driving can give you extra peace of mind."

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