Singapore appeal baby Lorcan discharged from hospital

Lorcan in intensive care Image copyright Caters
Image caption Baby Lorcan had been in intensive care at a hospital in Singapore

A baby who sparked a £140,000 appeal after being born prematurely in Singapore has been discharged from hospital.

Mother Chloe Wilkinson went into labour at 24 weeks pregnant while she and her partner were travelling back to the UK.

During a stopover, Baby Lorcan was born weighing just 1lb 9oz (0.86kg).

The couple had been raising money to cover Lorcan's medical expenses, which included stays in intensive care and high dependency units.

The family are set to fly home and have confirmed Lorcan's medical bills had been covered.

Dad Patrick Walsh-Kavanagh confirmed Lorcan was discharged on 27 May, weighing 5lb 9oz (2.7kg), after a 90-day stay at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Writing on GoFundMe, Mr Walsh-Kavanagh, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, said: "He is now aged three-and-a-half months old and is a bright, bubbly, beautiful baby boy who has defied all the odds and left hospital with no major medical issues.

"Thanks to the unbelievable medical team at SGH and all of your support."

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Image caption Miss Wilkinson and Mr Walsh-Kavanagh were going to tell their parents about Lorcan once they arrived home

Miss Wilkinson, from Lincoln, was taken to hospital on 19 February while the couple were on a two-night layover in Singapore.

They had left the UK in 2017 to go travelling around Asia before working in Australia.

They say their travel insurance, which was taken for the duration of their trip before they left the UK, did not cover pregnancy.

Laws in Singapore meant they were unable to work to support themselves, so they had to rely on donations.

Image copyright Caters
Image caption The couple left the UK in 2017 to travel around Asia and Australia

Mr Walsh-Kavanagh said: "[Lorcan] has a couple more procedural appointments to attend before flying back home, but he is most definitely out of the woods and on the home straight.

"We look forward to everyone meeting him in the coming weeks."

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