Storm Dennis: People trapped by flood 'alleviation' scheme

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Ian Stevens on Monday morningImage source, Ian Stevens
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Ian Stevens is among residents trapped in their homes on Thoresby Dale

People have been trapped in their homes since Saturday night due to what they believe is a design fault with a £430,000 flood alleviation scheme.

Water has constantly bubbled up from new drains which are meant to take water away, creating what has been dubbed "Thoresby Lake".

The flood alleviation scheme for Thoresby Dale in Hucknall was completed by Nottinghamshire County Council less than two years ago.

The council has been asked to comment.

Image source, Ian Stevens
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Residents say the water is knee-high in places

People in four houses on Thoresby Dale have not been able to leave at all since Storm Dennis hit over the weekend, because opening their gates would cause water to flood their homes.

Others have not been able to drive their cars down the street.

"We are now over 40 hours in and water is still coming up from the system that should be taking flood water away," said Ian Stevens, who is among the trapped residents.

"Myself and my neighbours are effectively trapped in our houses. I can only walk as far as my front gate.

"Until this water level goes down we are not going anywhere."

He believes the water is overspill from a nearby brook which is feeding into the flood alleviation scheme.

"Ironically this has put us in even greater danger of flooding," he said.

Image source, Ian Stevens
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The flood is being held back by some people's gates

Many homes on the street are protected by flood gates and flood doors, and Severn Trent has also been pumping water away.

Wendy Jones, who has lived on Thoresby Dale for 32 years, is trapped and worried about the same happening again in future.

"They had half a million pounds for the new scheme which is totally useless," she said.

"We have never had flood water for more than a few hours, even when it came through our properties.

"If it wasn't for the water tanker that Severn Trent have provided I dread to think what state our homes would be in."

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