Oxfordshire racing driver drinks to highlight effects

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A double Le Mans race-winning driver has been drinking behind the wheel in a simulator to show how alcohol affects performance.

Aston Martin team driver Darren Turner runs a racing simulator in Banbury which allows drivers to train for the world's circuits.

He was monitored by Thames Valley Police.

After four pints of strong lager, Mr Turner made seven major mistakes on a lap of the Monaco circuit.

The drink had put him beyond the legal limit for driving on the road.

"In my mind I feel very much like I'm in control - in reality that's not the case," he said.

The police want to use to example to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving.

Inspector Colin Clark said as well as young drivers, officers were having persistent problems across the age ranges.

"We are still seeing a spike in the 40 to 50-years-old driver who are still prepared to drink and drive," he said.

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